Alien’s DEX is launched on the Tezos mainnet: create your own pools, farm, earn combo rewards.

  • Create any token-to-token pool without limitations. Our AMM supports FA1.2-FA2 tokens.
  • Optimized routing. Alien’s DEX chooses the most lucrative route for trading automatically.
  • Earn trading fees as a liquidity provider. 0.25% trading fee from each trading operation in the pool is distributed among all liquidity providers.
  • Earn combo rewards by staking PAULs for chosen pools in the Mining section. It is great news for PAUL holders; from now you may earn combo rewards by staking tokens in the relevant pool and earn a 0.05% fee from each trading operation. The rewards will be collected in tokens that are added to the pool. The math is simple: the more intensive trade in the pool and more PAULs you stake, the more trading fees you will get.
  • Earn 0.05% trading fee as a developer. Any developer may work with our smart contracts and earn a 0.05% referral fee from each trading operation that was conducted via their interfaces. We expect that this feature will help developers earn more by integrating our products into their solutions.
  • Farm Referral program. You’ll earn 1% of the staking rewards in the Farm section from each person who followed your referral link.
  • New AMM farms with high reward coefficients. Will be launched in a few days.
  • Decrease emission of new PAUL tokens.
  • Create more PAUL use cases.
  • Develop versatile PAUL buyback and burning mechanics.
  • The first PAUL use case is Mining pools, where any user may stake PAULs and earn double rewards in other tokens.
  • The second use case is to use PAULs in farming activities.
  • 10% PAUL withdrawal fee. It is applied when a user withdraws PAULs from the Mining pool less than 36 hours from the staking time.
  • 0.05% PAUL buyback fee for each swap on the Alien’s DEX.


  • 0.25% to LP token holders;
  • 0.05% Degen Dev fund;
  • 0.05% PAUL buyback and burn;
  • 0.05% to Stake pool;
  • 0.05% Dev Referral fee;
  • Launch new Alien’s Farm Farms
  • Whitelist PAUL on QuipuSwap. We are in touch with the MadFish team and after launching our DEX, the PAUL token should be whitelisted on QuipuSwap. It will make it easier for users to trade PAULs and exchange them to XTZ.
  • Add more features to our DEX, new farming pools, new buyback mechanics, etc.
  • Increase marketing activities and awareness about our product in the Tezos community.
  • Develop a reward program for early adopters and liquidity providers of our DEX.



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