Aliens Farm development: AMM and combo rewards

  • We have finished token-token smart contracts that will be used in our AMM. At the moment, we are testing them.
  • We have created a design for the main DEX interfaces, and we hope you will love them. One of the screens you may see below.
  • We have created new reward mechanics for the PAUL holders, where you may stake PAULs and earn commissions in traded tokens in the chosen pool.
  • We are developing new deflationary mechanics that will be used in the AMM, including a PAUL buyback feature for new Farms and Vaults.
  • It is a free market. People who believe in the project hold tokens, those who don’t sell them.
  • Some actors who added a considerable amount of liquidity may influence the price by selling their tokens.
  • There are not many use cases of PAUL right now, and we haven’t launched deflationary mechanics yet. However, soon the situation will change.



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