Aliens Farm development: AMM and combo rewards

July was a buzzy month for us. We launched a Magic button experiment and Aliens Farm. Two projects almost at once. It was a great experience, and it’s only the beginning of our journey on Tezos. We will write a separate article about the Magic button experiment with the main conclusions that we have observed after six game rounds. In this publication, we will share our plans for further Aliens Farm development.

We want to thank our community and the people who believed in our work and supported us from the start. Guys, we appreciate your help!

The current status of development

We planned to launch Vaults first; however, we decided to change the priorities in the development and concentrate our efforts on AMM development. We planned to be the first token-to-token AMM on the Tezos, but Plenty may be faster. It is not bad, and fair competition allows us to build better products that provide an excellent user experience. Anyway, we consider that an alternative DEX offers more value for the community than vaults.

What we have right now:

  • We have finished token-token smart contracts that will be used in our AMM. At the moment, we are testing them.
  • We have created a design for the main DEX interfaces, and we hope you will love them. One of the screens you may see below.
  • We have created new reward mechanics for the PAUL holders, where you may stake PAULs and earn commissions in traded tokens in the chosen pool.
  • We are developing new deflationary mechanics that will be used in the AMM, including a PAUL buyback feature for new Farms and Vaults.

More detailed information about each point will be provided closer to the release day.

What we need to implement:

We need to create the new front-end for the DEX and conduct intensive testing of the system. It’s hard to evaluate the exact time of the release, but the current ETA is September 2021.

Short FAQ:

In this publication we provide answers to the most popular questions that were asked by the community members in our telegram channel:

Why do you not launch a farm on Crunchy?

Some people requested us to launch a farm on Crunchy or organize other collaboration activities. You may check our contracts — we didn’t have a pre-minting stage, and all tokens started to distribute at the time of the public launch. It means that we don’t have an extra PAUL supply for these activities. At the same time, the absence of this reserve should be one of the factors that protect people from possible price manipulations on the market.

Why has the token price dropped?

Some of the reasons:

  • It is a free market. People who believe in the project hold tokens, those who don’t sell them.
  • Some actors who added a considerable amount of liquidity may influence the price by selling their tokens.
  • There are not many use cases of PAUL right now, and we haven’t launched deflationary mechanics yet. However, soon the situation will change.

What about marketing?

In the last weeks, we are mainly concentrating on development and haven’t spent too much time promoting our products. We will consider spending more time on marketing before the release and attract more users.

I have a problem with the website…

For most reasons, it’s a problem with the wallet or with the public node. You need to wait and try to conduct an operation a little bit later. Also, you may inform us about the issue in our telegram chat. If you are a developer, you may interact directly with Alien’s Farm smart contracts on BCD.

Do you have any other questions? You may ask them in our community channel.




Group of degen developers who loves experiment with DeFi

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Group of degen developers who loves experiment with DeFi

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