Alien’s Farm: Open-Source Farming on the Tezos Blockchain

Hello community, we’re ready to launch our second project! It’s Alien’s Farm, the first open-source alien yield farm on Tezos. Check it out to see how simple and entertaining farming can be!

What’s the Alien’s Farm

Alien’s Farm is an open-source project that lets users earn tokens by staking, yield farming, and in the future, vaulting PAUL tokens. You can get PAUL tokens on the QuipuSwap page, generate them on the Alien’s Farm as a reward for staking and farming or receive them from other users.

In the future, staking PAUL tokens will grant you access to the governance benefits, giving your voice more power over implementing important changes on the Alien’s Farm.

How to yield farm on the Alien’s Farm

  1. Select the farm you’re interested in.
  2. Add liquidity to the selected pair on QuipuSwap.
  3. Stake the LP tokens received and farm them on our website to get the rewards.

Important Token info:

Token address: KT19DUSZw7mfeEATrbWVPHRrWNVbNnmfFAE6
QuipuSwap Pool: KT1K8A8DLUTVuHaDBCZiG6AJdvKJbtH8dqmN

Each farming pool has its own distribution model and mechanics. The rewards will be distributed proportionally to the user’s share in the pool. That means that early participants will get larger shares from the reward fund and redeem them anytime.

The full documentation and Alien’s Farm guides you may find here.

Special Offer for MAG token Holders

We provide an exclusive opportunity to MAG token holders. The first staking pool for mining PAUL will be the MAG-XTZ pair. Only MAG holders will be able to mine PAUL for the two days after the project launch and get the most PAUL rewards.

PAUL tokenomics and supply

Every pool in the Alien’s Farm has its own rules for calculating reward per block (RPB) and multiplier coefficient. At the project launch, the pools with 1x multiplier will have the RPB of 40 PAULs per block, decreasing 5% weekly and reaching 10 PAULs per block by the week 28–29.

Pools with other multipliers will experience the same process but with different numbers. For instance, a Pool with a 2x multiplier will have 80 PAULs per block and reach 20 PAULs per block by the week 28–29.

PAUL tokens have no hard cap on the supply, so we apply deflationary mechanisms to make deflation higher than emission. For example, the PAUL token burn is in-built in the mechanism of getting baker’s rewards from QuipuSwap liquidity pool. We use these rewards to purchase and burn PAUL tokens to increase their price.

We have other deflationary mechanisms under research and development now.

This way, we protect early investors and keep high APY of the Alien’s Farm products.

Referral program

You may participate in our Referral Program to get a referral bonus.

You’ll earn 1% of the staking rewards from each person who followed your referral link. Just perceive it’s an opportunity to earn some rewards from your Alien’s Farm promotional activities.

Safety and risks

The Alien’s Farm project is open-source so that anyone can check its code.

Remember: The opportunity to gain high profits is always supplemented by possible risks, including the safety of smart contracts, impermanent loss, unexpected price change in the liquidity pool, possible liquidation, and composability risks.

We recommend checking all the potential risks and conditions before applying your investment strategy.

What’s next

Our first step is to add more Token Pairs to mine PAULs. We have almost completed the Vault functionality that will allow users to increase their income by staking tokens in the vault. The next steps will be:

  • Add more deflationary mechanisms
  • Add an ROI calculator
  • Add a Governance section
  • Create decentralized AMM
  • Create a NFT section
  • Etc.

We are open to receiving requests from the community for future protocol improvements. You may always share them on our Alien’s Telegram channel.




Group of degen developers who loves experiment with DeFi

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Group of degen developers who loves experiment with DeFi

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