Alien’s News: AMM development progress, new pools, and buyback mechanics introduction.

New FA2 token pools on Alien’s Farm

Baking rewards

AMM development and potential release dates:

  • AMM will be Uniswap-like, and anyone may add their own liquidity pools.
  • Double reward collections for PAUL holders. By staking PAULs for the pool, you may earn a special staking fee from each trading operation.
  • A referral program for developers. Any developer may create their website to work with our smart contracts and earn 0.05% referral fee from each trading operation.
  • We have implemented a 0.05% PAUL buyback fee for each swap on the DEX.
  • Other great features.

Our next major steps are:

  • Launch new FA2 pools to increase engagement with our farm.
  • Launch our AMM on the testnet and get feedback from the community.
  • Organize a marketing promotion campaign and launch our AMM on the mainnet.
  • Implementation of new buyback mechanics and features on the DEX that will make our solution the most convenient on the market.



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