Alien’s News: AMM development progress, new pools, and buyback mechanics introduction.

3 min readSep 6, 2021


There were quite exciting weeks for the Tezos community: QuipuSwap airdrop, GIF token sale, a fight for buying Tezzardz NFT, and many other exciting events that made our life more interesting. We want to share our news also. We hope you will like them.

New FA2 token pools on Alien’s Farm

We are launching new token pools, starting with the XTZ-CrDAO pool. These pools will have a 0.01 reward coefficient and 4.20 % withdrawal fee that will be spent on buying and burning PAULs. It’s our first integrated buyback mechanic on the farm.

Also, we plan to reward all liquidity providers who will add liquidity to token pools and move this liquidity to the future AMM main pools with special limited edition Alien NFT.

Baking rewards

We will receive the first baking rewards from Alien pools soon. They will be spent on buying and burning PAULs.

AMM development and potential release dates:

We have been working hard the last several months and expect to launch our DEX on the Tezos testnet in the end of September. Let us share the most interesting facts about DEX that you will appreciate:

  • AMM will be Uniswap-like, and anyone may add their own liquidity pools.
  • Double reward collections for PAUL holders. By staking PAULs for the pool, you may earn a special staking fee from each trading operation.
  • A referral program for developers. Any developer may create their website to work with our smart contracts and earn 0.05% referral fee from each trading operation.
  • We have implemented a 0.05% PAUL buyback fee for each swap on the DEX.
  • Other great features.

Here are some screenshots of our upcoming AMM:

Liquidity section:

Mining pools:

What do you think? Please share your thoughts on our telegram channel.

Our next major steps are:

  • Launch new FA2 pools to increase engagement with our farm.
  • Launch our AMM on the testnet and get feedback from the community.
  • Organize a marketing promotion campaign and launch our AMM on the mainnet.
  • Implementation of new buyback mechanics and features on the DEX that will make our solution the most convenient on the market.

As we mentioned before, we plan more pleasant surprises for our community. So follow our work and participate in our activities. The most exciting stuff is coming soon.




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