Launch of Alien’s Farm Exchange on The Testnet: Create Your Own Pools, Combo Rewards, And Much More

3 min readOct 1, 2021


We are happy to announce that we have launched Alien’s Farm Exchange on the Tezos test network. In this article, we will share the main features of our solution. You will learn why our AMM is unique and how you may earn more tokens with PAULs.

Exchange section

To speed up the development of the Alien’s ecosystem, we used the “token-to-token” solution from QuipuSwap as a basis and implemented it into our DEX with significant modifications. Some of the improvements include staking contract creation, custom fees, buyback mechanics, new pool rewards, developers’ referral rewards, and other updates. Anyone can add new token-to-token pools now. We expect that it will allow projects to create liquidity mining pools based on their native tokens.

Mining section

We decided that it would be better to launch our DEX with the PAUL Mining Campaigns at once. Each PAUL holder may choose a token pool and stake PAULs to get fees in both pooled tokens. We collect a 0.05% fee from each trading operation and distribute it among participants who staked PAULs in the relevant pool.

​​Distribution rewards to the PAUL Mining Campaigns (pools) are not automatic. Users need to click the “Update the rewards” button to distribute rewards. A person who will conduct this operation gets a 3% fee from the total rewards pool.

If you decide to unstake PAULs from the selected pool less than 36 hours after the start of staking, you will pay a 10% withdrawal fee. All PAULs from the withdrawal fee will be burned immediately.

How to test?

If you want to participate in testing:

  1. Request test XTZ from the telegram faucet bot
  2. Change test XTZ on test PAULs on QuipuSwap by following this link (choose the Granada network)
  3. Exchange test PAULs on other test tokens on our AMM

If you have problems receiving test tokens, send a request with your tez address to @nick_from_moon in Telegram and wait for test tokens . You may also use your own Granada FA1.2–2 tokens for testing.

After receiving tokens, try to create token pairs, add/remove liquidity, swap tokens, add PAULs to the Mine pools.

Share your findings in our telegram channel

What is next?

We plan to conduct massive testing of our DEX and launch a production version soon. In addition, we are going to significantly strengthen our marketing activities and develop new AMM features that you will like. Stay tuned for our updates and join our twitter and telegram channels.




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